Sunday, October 19, 2014

Starting Fresh, Again

Although I used to mainly focus on creating YouTube videos and content, and even had my own blog to support my channel (this blog), I have always wanted to start a blog. A real blog.
So deciding to finally start a new initiative is something I am thrilled about. I think blogging is about something different for everyone. For me, I would say it's about a few things:
  1. This is for fun! Having a digital space and creative outlet to call my own. 
  2. I want to better myself. Basically, my wardrobe and zest for life is perhaps under-performing, but having a source of life + style motivation and inspiration - to serve myself (and hopefully others) - is the push I want and need.                      
  3. I really love things! And sharing them. Is that bad? A place to share my favorite things. 

.....No but really, what will you be blogging be about? Turn to The Northern Kind for a gluten free diet, to feed a beauty addiction, a mix of preppy and sporty style perspective, home decor hacks, updates on my workout habits and trials, and personal learnings.