Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Upcoming Videos!

-Room Tour
-A Pigment Tutorial bc Maureen is Out of her Mind! Lol... ;)
-Snacking W/Out Packing (on the pounds) lol title..
-BGTY Girls Night Out (be good to yourself)
-Workout/Fitness talk
-Workout routine

And more... just thought I'd get a running list going, to-do list style :)

Any requests are more than welcome!


  1. LOL! :) Yay more videos from GoGlam! I can't wait to see the Room Tour; I love those.. especially when people show off how many crazy color names they've memorized!! so awesome.. And, hope you're still planning to put up photos of the M·A·C pigment swatches; I'm holding my breath til you do! :* <-- me, holding my breath!

  2. Just wanted to add a follow-up to my last comment. It's important to let people know that I have started breathing again. Didn't want anyone to worry about that. Love your blog so very much. Keeps getting better and better. No one else covers so many things, all of which I am totally interested in. I'm eager to see more of whatever you have to share! Thanks for spending time with your online friends; we love you! :)