Monday, December 7, 2009

Keeping Track of My Workouts!

Monday 12/7- 3 miles treadmill/ free weight arms
Tuesday 12/8- 60 minutes crosstrainer/ 600 calories burned 
*iPod song of the day: PHamous by Midi Mafia ft. Bruce Waynne
Wednesday 12/9- 5.50 miles treadmill/no lifting
*iPod song of the day: Celebration by Kool and the Gang.
yes, a very old school choice. I am so so random !!
Thursday 12/10- Day off
Friday 12/11- 4 miles treadmill
Saturday 12/12- Day off
Sunday 12/13- 5 miles treadmill
Monday 12/14- 5 miles treadmill
I HAVE GOT TO START LIFTING AGAIN!! my lifting break is OVER! haha
Tuesday 12/15- 5 miles treadmill and lifting. arms/squats/balancing
Wednesday 12/16- 4 miles treadmill


Monday 12/28- 4 miles treadmill
Tuesday 12/29- 3 miles treadmill. Arm Workout




  1. haha just thought I'd add a little post workout pic! ha

  2. Just found your blog and your youtube channel. I would love to know about your workout regimen. I am trying to get fit after a few years of not working out it is so hard to get back into it! I think you look beautiful and I hope I can get back into the groove of things. Thanks for any info

  3. You sure can, and I'd love to help! I have experienced having to lose weight and I know how frustrating it can be... but also how rewarding and amazing it feels!! I will definitely be updating my workouts daily, and blogging about workouts/health in general. Also, I hope I will soon get around to more videos about it! Thanks for following... you seem like such a sweet person! Hope you're having a great week