Monday, December 14, 2009

How Do You Say That!?

I myself can get confused with how to properly pronounce all of the french or "fancy" brands.. lol. But, I do enjoy saying them correctly! So.. here's how!
Do you have any additions of your own!? Post in a comment below and I will make sure to include them!

Agent Provocateur: ah-jen pro-vock-a-toor
Bourjois: boor-jwah
Caudalie: kow-dah-lee
Chantecaille: shan-teh-kigh
Chanel: sha-nell
Decleor: deh-klay-or
Dr. Hauschka: doctor howsh-kuh
Estee Lauder: ess-tay law-der
Frederic Fekkai: fray-day-reek feh-kigh
Guerlain: goor-lahn
Issey Miyake: ee-say mee-yah-kay
Kevyn Aucoin: kevin oh-kwan
Korres: core-rezz
Lancome: lahn-comb
Laura Mercier: laura mers-yay
L'Occitane: lox-ee-tahn
Nars: nahrs
Natura Bissé: nah-too-ra bees-say
RéVive: ray-veev
Shiseido: she-say-doe
Shu Uemura: shoe oo-eh-moor-ah (if you want to be really authentic, soften the R and make more of a D sound)
Stila: stee-lah
Tocca: toe-kah
Versace: verr-sa-chay
Yves Saint Laurent: eve sahn lorr-ahnn


  1. I'd love to hear you pronounce those French brands!!
    And what about Garnier and Gemey?

  2. haha should I do a video pronouncing them? fun idea!!
    GAR- nyay
    not sure or gemey.. I've actually never heard of it? probably sounds like a j and not a g though...

  3. There's a tag on youtube but i think a beauty related list of words would be better than the actual list since your channel is a beauty channel :)
    & Gemey is owned by L'oréal. They are in a kind of partnership with Maybelline.
    Here we have Gemey-Maybelline stuff.
    and yeah the G is pronounced like a J

  4. I think the one for Guerlain isn't exactly right. I would have put "gare-lahn" instead of "goor-lahn". More importantly, I'm surprised you didn't have Kerastase on the list; I love how you say Kerastase! :)

  5. yea I agree with you on the gare..

    and am I saying Kerastase wrong? it's how I've always heard it pronounced from hair stylists and whatnot so I'd have no idea if I'm wrong. lol. uh oh... wouldn't like that!

  6. oh sorry for the confusion in my earlier comment! I think Kerastase should be on the list cuz it's a cool word with the accent and I'm pretty sure you say it perfectly! I love how you say it because I never hear anyone talk about Kerastase and I'm sure most people would butcher the pronunciation. :)

  7. I'm French!! Coming to the rescue! ;)
    Gemey is Juh-may.
    And Guerlain isn't pronounced like that. It's
    Gayr-l"un" "un" as in one in French. Un deux trois.... You don't have these nasal sounds in English!!