Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chanel Channeling My Mind!

I have always had a little thing for Chanel makeup. Something about it just makes me happy (well, besides how much it costs!). But, the Chanel Spring 2010 line definitely has me excited! The lipsticks look so smooth and creamy, the face powder packaging and "print" is to die for, and why am I suddenly compelled to purchase nail polish from a department store?

When makeup lines, such as Chanel, come out with new collections only once every 4-6 months.. it is just THAT much more exciting when the line actually comes out!! Anyone else agree with that? I adore MAC, but all of their collections have me confused on which items I really really want. There are so many- too many- to choose from!

But, Chanel has a short and sweet line coming out that doesn't boggle my mind.
The Chanel Les Impressions Makeup Collection by Chanel for Spring 2010
Face: Radiant Glowing Highlightning Powder Empreinte de Chanel, $65
note to readers: thought I think this looks beautiful, I highly doubt I'd be able to justify paying that much for a face powder! :( 

Lips: Rouge Allure Lipstick. $32
Colors: Delicieuse, Apricot (the one I want, it's the last lipstick in this row of four)
              Insouciante, Mauve
              Incognito, Rosewood
              Impertinente, Brown

Lips: Glossimers. $27 ( i love the name "Glossimers")
Colors: Futile, pink
             Maline, gold (I want this one, it's on the left)

Nails: Le Vernis Nail Colour $23
Colors: 505, Particuliere
             506, Tendresse
             503, Inattendu
(I want them all! I love pale nail colors.)

Eyes: Les 4 Ombres $56
Colors: Kaska Beige = warm, natural palette of beiges and browns. beige, brown, plum brown.
(I think this looks like a perfect palette for myself. I love neutrals with a touch of purple, always! And that, is exactly what this palette is!)
Chanel Les Impressions de Chanel Collection for Spring 2010

What do YOU want? Tell me in the comments! Or, am I missing something? What's a makeup product or brand that I really need to know about? Please do let me know... finding new brands and things is my favorite. :)


  1. Oohh.. I have a girlfriend who has always gotten Chanel makeup from her parents as part of her Christmas gift. I never really got into it until lately (because YouTube expanded my interest in makeup!). I know their lipglosses are amazing but, the rest that you posted look so enticing. I'm eager to hear what you think of their powders. :) Love Chanel in general and their makeup is just SO luxurious. Awesome post girlie!

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